Evening Menu

Designed as a three course format

For Lunch, in the Salle à Manger, Monarque propose a table d’hôte

Oysters according to the market

36$ a dozen


Wild squid ceviche

avocado, jalapeno, cilantro, squid ink   18$

Beef tartare & sea urchins

salsa verde, chilli, grilled focaccia   19$

Nordic shrimp salad

cucumber, thai basil, nuoc cham   17$

Foie gras torchon

rhubarb, sweet clover, sansho pepper, vienna bread   22$

Bluefin tuna tartare

foie gras custard, tapioca, cardamom   20$


Grilled half quail

carrots, nectarine, winter green, lemon gem  19$

Seared scallop

spring vegetables and shellfish chowder   20$

Smoked butter spring onion

chanterelles, green almonds, wild rose  18$

Confit ocean trout

fennel, trout caviar, beurre blanc   19$

Grilled sweetbreads

purple carrots, labneh, dukkha, chermoula   21$


Seared tuna

atichokes, eggplant, maïtakes, sobrasada   36$

Quebec lamb

swiss chard, savory, lamb bacon pomme Anna   46$

Free range chicken & morels

    chanterelles, corn, grains, chicken jus  34$

Charcoal grilled lobster

ricotta gnocchi, tomato, basil, sauce à l’américaine   42$

Beaurivage farm piglet

Tokyo turnip, celtuce, barley, moromi miso   32$

Québec halibut

zuchini, pattypan squash, fava bean, capers sauce vierge   37$

P.E.I Cote de boeuf

dry aged from our cellar

potato gratin, mixed green salad

120$ for two



France, blue, pasteurised cow’s milk

Cheddar Avonlea

Charlottetown I.P.E, hard cheese, raw cow’s milk

Chèvre À Ma Manière

Québec, natural rind, pasteurised goat’s milk

Victor et Berthold

Québec, washed rind, unpasteurised cow’s milk

La Bête À Séguin

Québec, bloomy rind, unpasteurised cow’s milk

Comté 18 month

France, semi-hard cheese, raw cow’s milk

6$ / 30g


Souffle chocolate tart

dark chocolate ice cream   14$


sable breton, pink peppercorn, sheep yogurt sorbet   11$

Rhum baba

honey, sea buckthorn   12$

Ricotta cheesecake

strawberry, rhubarb, chantilly

18$ for two


berries, tonka cream   9$

Paris Brest

praline cream, hazelnut   12$

Selection of housemade chocolates and petits fours

9$ per person

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