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Private Room

Book Monarque's private room for all occasions

Fully equipped for your presentations, it can accommodate up to 22 people on one large table or up to 32 people on 4 tables of 8.

Simply check availability in our calendar and fill in the form to make a request!

Soundproof, intimate and discreet, our room has its own kitchen and dedicated team.

We offer menus specially adapted to your events, as well as a selection of house cocktails and wines to please everyone.

Before booking, download the PDF containing the menus and all the necessary details!


Faites bien attention lors de votre réservation, vous aurez à choisir entre la « Brasserie » et la « Salle à manger », les menus sont différents!

Be careful when booking, as you’ll have to choose between the “Brasserie” and the “Dining Room”, the menus are different!